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A person sitting with feet on coffee table watching Netflix
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For those of you who haven’t binged this Netflix series, Ted Lasso is an Emmy award-winning television show where an American football coach moves to the UK to coach a Premiership football league. Ted’s unique and unconventional coaching style leaves his team [and the audience] feeling positive and good about…

An illustration of popular apps including Tiktok, Netflix, and Spotify.
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What is brand voice?

Brand voice is basically your brand’s personality. It helps create an emotional connection with consumers. With companies competing in saturated markets, the only way to stand out is to create a strong brand voice. Brand voice helps companies develop an identity and create a connection with their consumer.

Consumers invest…

A group of 4 UX designers collaborating around a table in an office.
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1. Looking for a solution too quickly

Many times, designers start ideating solutions before they understand the problem. This is usually a sign the designer is early in their career. As easy as it is to start ideating, don’t jump to the solution too quickly. Make sure you understand the…

Shannon Trumbull

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